Demo '15

by Impact

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released January 5, 2015



all rights reserved


Impact New York, New York

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Track Name: Intro/No Integrity
Looking around it fucking makes me sick
Everyone has an ego or is a fucking prick
Where the hell do you get off
Thinking your Better than any of us
You buy onto tours and backtrack your shows
Sad to say you'll never see yourself grow
Won't change who I am to fit in with you
Cause these means more to me than it ever will to you

What happened to music comes first
This shouldn't feel like work
Fuck your labels and your guarantees that shit will never mean anything to me
Track Name: Stay Away
I wish you would stay away
Can't trust anything you say
Why won't you just stay away
We'll never be the fucking same

Do us all a favor and stay away
Track Name: Jaded Manner
Stopping the show
Calling kids out
For being on stage
And diving in the crowd
Did you forget what you once were
The label punk doesn't fit you anymore

Take the fun away
Shows never the same
Take the fun away
Shows will never be the same

Who are you to tell us how to have fun

Did you forget where you come from
This mindset doesn't belong
We come to shows to have a good time
To get away from the so called wrong and right

Did you forget where you come from
This mindset doesn't belong
Becoming jaded won't do any good
We're all kids
We're all misunderstood
Track Name: Pushed Aside
There are some things ill never understand
When taking pride in your scene means shoving away new fans

I don't understand this mindset
Or what positives it could bring
When did we stop welcoming and embracing people into this scene

Take a look at yourself
Where would you be
If no one cared or welcomed you into this scene
The friends that you have
The memories you've made
I would not be a part in taking that away
Track Name: Hometown Hero
Possess the mentality of a 5 year old
A self proclaimed hometown hero
I don't care what you've been through
The last thing you'll see is any sympathy from me

Walk around saying your ignorant shit
Why won't you just take the hint
Think your so funny
When your the joke
I hope you fucking choke

Use past for sympathy
That shit won't work on me
Don't give a fuck about what you think
Just stay the fuck away from me

You're the example of what I never want to be
You're the example of what I will never be
Track Name: Chameleon
Worst mindset
Worst attitude
When are you gonna get the clue
Pretending to be something you're not
Impressing outsiders is your only shot
I know who you really are
A backstabbing piece of shit who never got far
You want nothing more than to be a part of this
While there's one key element you fucking missed

Fool everyone else but you're not fooling me. You will never be welcomed back into this scene
You made your choice when you did what you did
You'll never change and il never forgive

Pass with the trends, buy new clothes, get new friends, go to the shows. They may not know you but they will soon and you'll just be onto something fucking new