Worlds Apart

by Impact

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Debut EP.


released October 20, 2015

Recorded in Asbury Park, NJ
Recorded/Mixed/Masterd - Mike Botti



all rights reserved


Impact New York, New York

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Track Name: Empty Words
Feeling so empty in my head
As empty as those words that you fucking said
Say you care,
Fucking leave
Say you're doing whats right for me

Cold blood running through my veins
This empty feeling won't go away
Left with broken bones,
Rattling teeth
You took what was left of me

Run from my problem's
I can't escape
Everyday slowly losing faith
Faith in myself
Faith to push on
Need to get on track
Need to move on

Move On
Move On
Need to move on
I'm moving on
Track Name: Callous
The way you stare
Look at me
I'm not sure what you aim to achieve
I stand by my words, and what they mean
One things for sure
Your threats don't scare me

They don't scare me
Will never scare me
Don't scare me
They will never scare me
Track Name: Breathe
Do you know what it feels like to hate your life?
Put on a fake smile while you're dying inside
Sick of this feeling deep down in my chest
Sleeping at night
Getting no rest
So sick of these thoughts that haunt my mind
I'm so tired of just getting by
Need to take my life back
Take what's mine
My whole life is just wasting time

I'm running
From the thoughts in my mind

I'm so scared to face
What lies

Inside these walls that consume me
I just want to be free
Break the chains that hold me
I just want to fucking breathe


I just want to breathe
Track Name: Joke to Me
What can i do to make you see
Your words hold no weight to me

What can I do to make you see
This is something that you'll never be

Inside your mind,
and in your heart
Your ideas and goals set us apart
When your whole act's a fucking front
And we've had enough

What the fuck don't you see
Your life is just a joke to me
Snap into reality
Somewhere far away from me

No matter what you do
No matter what you say
You will always be
A fucking
Joke to me

A fucking joke to me
Track Name: Cut & Dry
Fuck your judgment

Look down on me
For decisions i've made
Money won't define me
I'll always be the fucking same

Fuck your judgement


You think you know me
And you know what's best
While you just sit back
And fit in with the rest
This life is mine
And I'll make it my own
Even if it means being alone
Track Name: Worlds Apart
You don't feel my pain

Pass your judgement
Cast your stones
I'm trying to start my life but I'm stuck on hold
Depression, Anxiety
It just gets worse
You don't share my pain
Or this curse
I'm just a failure, a fuck up
It's all the same
Living my life day to day

Get the fuck away from me
You don't know the things I've seen
Or the shit that I've been through
I will never be like you
Track Name: Stay Away
I wish you would stay away
Can't trust anything you say

Why won't you just stay away
We'll never be the fucking same

Do us all a favor
And stay away
Track Name: Reality Check
Don't know what's coming
Don't know what's next
Everyone says I need a reality check

So strange to you
So normal to me
I just wan't to fucking be free

Grow up get a job,
Become something more
Make everyday life
A fucking chore
That's not for me
I need something more
Something with substance
Something worth fighting for
I don't want your opinion
I don't want your help
Anything I need
I'll do it myself
Fuck this anger,
This sadness,
This social routine,
Fuck everything
Fuck your reality check

Reality Check